Welcome to Mindful Gadgets!

We are dedicated towards exploring aspects of consumer technology that your average review site does not usually dive into.

We have five core principles:

Focus on Value

Money is hard to come by, you should spent it wisely. Given the price I am paying, are there better products on the market?

Environmental/Social Impact

As someone who loves consumer technology, the environmental and social impacts of these products does concern me. This is a hard topic to find data in, but we will try to explore the environmental and social impact of these products that are now ubiquitous with our daily lives.

After the initial 30 days

Longevity of a product is important. Will the item break within the first 6 months of use. How easy is the warranty process if for some reason I need to use it? These are all important factors that reviews usually do not talk about.

Security is important

We will focus on whether these products get timely security updates? What exactly is the update strategy of the company? What is the past performance of a company with regards to security? Has the company had any recent security leaks and how has the company dealt with the problem?

Privacy as a digital right

Are they transparent about the type of data they are collecting about you? Are you able to opt-out or even better opt in to data collection? Does the company have a history of being careless with your data?