iPhone XR: The Colorful Bunch

image from Apple

I would say one of the more interesting iPhones that Apple announced yesterday was the iPhone XR. At a starting price of $749 and an array of color options, the iPhone XR is the more compelling upgrade for anyone that is looking for a new iPhone.

A cheaper “iPhone XS” with little compromise

The iPhone XR has many of the features of its more expensive brother the iPhone XS. You still get the new A12 Bionic CPU, the improved Face ID, and near bezeless screen. There are a few noticeable differences between the XR and the XS models.

LCD Screen instead of AMOLED

Instead of the AMOLED screens that the XS and XS Max has, the XR has an LCD screen. Without seeing the device in real life, it will be hard to tell whether this makes too much of a difference. You’ll also probably notice that the bezels on the iPhone XR are larger than the XS models.

Screen size in the middle with lower resolution

The screen size of the XR is 6.1 inch which sits right in between the XS (5.8 inches) and XS Max (6.5 inches). The resolution of the XR is also lower compared to the XS models. At 828 x 1792 pixels and 326 pixels per inch, the XR will have similar sharpness as the iPhone 8.

No 3D Touch

For whatever reason, the iPhone XR does not have 3D Touch. Instead, it will have the ability to long press in order to access a lot of those 3D touch functionality.

Aluminum instead of Steel construction

The iPhone XR will use aluminum instead of steel for the outer construction. The average user probably will not really notice this different at all.

IP67 instead of IP68 rating for waterproofing

Instead of the new IP68 (up to 2m for 30 mins) rating that the iPhone XS and XS Max has, iPhone XR has a slightly lower IP67 (up to 1m for 30 mins) rating. Given that the iPhone X has the same IP67 rating. I don’t see this to affect day to day.

Single back facing camera with Portrait mode support

image from Apple

The XR comes with a single back facing camera that is able to take Portrait pictures just like how the Pixel 2 phone have been able to with a single camera. You will also retain the Depth Control feature that is on the iPhone XS and XS Max as well.

A 128GB Variant

The iPhone XR will be the only new iPhone that will have a 128GB variant. The iPhone XS models automatically go from 64GB to 256GB. If you are one of those people who does not want to spend the amount of money for a 256GB model but the 64GB is too small, the XR is a great choice.

Colors, Colors, Colors

There are now six different colors you can choose from for the iPhone XR. There is a Product Red version, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, and Blue.

Reasonable Price

image from Apple

The price of the XR is quite competitive to other flagships on the market. This pricing is right in line with the Pixel 2 and rumored Pixel 3. Without having any hands on time with the device, I would say this is the better value for anyone looking for a new iPhone this year.